The Keur Champion Mare ribbon was awarded to Labrie's new Provisional Model, Geartsje.
Townshend, VT - Robert Labrie, breeder and owner of Friesians of Majesty in Townshend, VT, transported seventeen horses of which twelve were presented at the 2007 New England Keuring held in Northampton, MA on 9/20/07 and 9/21/07.  He drove away with three Keur Champion ribbons, five Ster ribbons for the geldiings and mares and five 1st and 2nd Premie ratings on the foals he presented.
The Keur Champion Mare ribbon was awarded to Labrie's new Provisional Model, Geartsje. After being awarded a 1st Premium Ster rating in each of the past two years, Geartsje was given the opportunity to be presented for Provisional Model at this year's Keuring.  The judges from Holland agreed on her potential to become Model based on her enduring beauty, spectacular movement and ideal conformation.  She will now have a year to train for her IBOP athleticism test which she will take at the 2008 New England Keuring.  If she passes with a score of 77 or higher, she will join her barnmate, Ymkje, who was awarded Model at the 2006 New England Keuring.  This would be the second mare ever to make Model in New England.  Both are from Friesians of Majesty.
All three geldings presented received Ster ratings.  Jelke and Hendrik by Onne each showed off for the judges but it was Jochum that left the day with the Keur Champion Gelding ribbon.
Both mares presented, Mayken (daughter of Ymkje) and Lilija, each looked beautiful on the unusally warm summer like day and received their Ster.  Mayken at only 3 years old scored 2nd highest of 18 mares.  When Lilija received her Ster designation, her mother, already a Model Mare, went Model Preferent.  A mare goes Preferent when four of her offspring receive their Ster.
There were five foals presented.  Ylkje trotted her way to Grand Champion filly with her 1st Premie rating.  Winette and Xavira each received 2nd Premie ratings as well as the 2nd Premie ratings for Ysbran and Wideke, the two colts presented.
This year's Keuring exceeded even Robert Labrie's expectations.  At the past couple of Keurings Friesians of Majesty has consistently left with multiple Sters and a champion ribbon or two, but this year really topped them all.   As Geartsje trains for her IBOP Friesians of Majesty will be looking to the 2008 Keuring with great anticipation.  To have one Model Mare is rare enough but to have two Model Mares in the same barn clearly reveals the caliber of Friesians that Robert Labrie owns and breeds.
Friesians of Majesty, located in Vermont's Green Mountains, is a full service breeding and training facility devoted exclusively to maintaining and improving the nobility of the majestic Friesian.  Friesians of Majety is home of over 40 Friesians, including Ymkje, Model Mare and Grand National Champion and now Geartsje, Provisional Model.  Friesians of Majesty provides horses for sale, year-round training, breeding, foaling, carriage limousine service for elegant weddings and the quintessential Vermont sleigh ride.  Friesians of Majesty welcomes visitors by appointment.