Training & Lessons

Train with True Professionals

Friesians of Majesty would be proud to train any breed of horse you have in Dressage, Jumping, or Driving.

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Dressage at Friesians of Majesty

Friesians of Majesty would be proud to train any breed of horse you have in Dressage.

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Riding Lessons

Friesian Riding Lessons

Friesians of Majesty is happy to offer lessons in Dressage.

Riding Lessons                                              $85 per hour

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Driving Lessons

Learn to Drive

Get a driving lesson from owner and Friesian Driving World Champion Robert Labrie,  or his son Ben Labrie.  Learn how to drive in the beauty of the Vermont green mountains with Robert's world champion driving horses.  Also included in the lesson is a detailed explanation of the different parts of the harness, and tips for driving safety.

Driving Lesson             $85

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Get Your Horse Driving!

Get your Friesian trained for driving by owner and Friesian Driving World Champion Trainer Robert Labrie,  or his son Ben Labrie.  Your horse will learn to drive in an indoor built with driving in mind.  This large indoor arena is a very safe and effective place to first teach a young horse to drive.  Your horse will be taken care of by Friesians of Majesty staff as if it's one of our own while it goes through the training steps.  Robert has several World Champion Driving 1st places and specializes in obstacle course driving.

Driving Training            $1250 per month (board included)


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Friesians of Majesty holds regular Dressage Clinic's on site at our farm in Townshend, Vermont.

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Ground Training

Training Friesians Gently and Effectively

Friesians of Majesty's own Ben Labrie has been running Friesians professionally at shows and at Keurings for years and he also trains horses how to drive.  He has the ability to correct problem horses and horses with behavior issues on the ground.  With Ben it's all about sending the horse clear concise messages not harsh ones.  He would be proud to help you with any handling and confidence lessons right here at Friesians of Majesty, or send your horse that may have an issue to be corrected here.

 Also Ben may be available to show your horse in hand at an upcoming show.

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